Sunday, June 15, 2014

24 Day Challenge!

Tomorrow we start our 24 Day Challenge with a health and wellness company called Advocare!  I am both excited and nervous.  
But let me back up a little bit.  Let's just say that Joe and I have recently found ourselves in a place where we need to loose some weight and get in better shape.  For most of our adult lives we have been okay in this department, but something has happened the last couple of years.  We're not spring chickens anymore and I'm sure that age has had something to do with it.  And having children and having less time...and all of those baked goods.  Did I mention that I learned how to make homemade fried chicken this year...and it is amazing!  
The last couple of years have been hard on me physically.  Being pregnant for a 3rd time, loosing the baby, surgery, gestational trophoblastic disease, being pregnant for a 4th time, giving birth, and nursing our babe for 11 months have taken a toll.  Of course it's been worth every single pain and moment of discomfort and pound gained.  But it has left me feeling exhausted and uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm just going to be real here...I weighed myself today (to prep for the beginning of our challenge tomorrow) and I am just 3 and a half pounds lighter than I was the day I gave birth to Liam.  Seriously people...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  I don't know, but it is.  It literally felt like the baby was born and all of the weight that I was carrying in my abdomen spread out to all of the other parts of my body (well, some of it stayed in my middle too)!  
Let me be honest about this too...I have worn pants with a zipper about 3 times in the last year.  Seriously.  I don't do zippers right now...just won't do it, it's too uncomfortable.  I've not been comfortable with this, but for the last couple of years my body has been serving a higher help give life and sustain life and that has been the most important thing no matter how I looked or felt.  I was willing to give myself over for the well being of my children.  I still am, but now that Liam finished nursing this week it is time to reclaim my physical body for myself.  It's time to get that part of myself back.  It's time to loose the weight, be healthy, and have more energy.  It's time to wear a pair of pants with a zipper!:)
Now I won't say as much about Joe here, because that's his story and he doesn't always appreciate it when I write about all of his personal things...but let's just say that while he's not quite in the same boat as me (he does wear pants that zip) he has found himself as the heaviest he has ever been.  Can he still out climb, out hike, and compete with the college students we work with...he can, but he's just not where he wants to be or where he should be to be his healthiest.  
So that's where we are at.  Tomorrow we start our 24 Day Challenge with Advocare.  My friend Melissa introduced me to this company recently and I am incredibly excited to combine great nutrition, exercise, and high quality Advocare supplements to our life and see what the results are.  I'll try to update here and there as we go...and trust me, if this works I will be telling everybody more about Advocare and exactly how we did it!  Stay tuned!

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Kicksatan said...

Hello Angie,
We have never met but someone I know (Vicki Newendorp) liked your Blog and it came up in my Facebook news feed. I read your blog and really enjoyed how real you were. I would love to help you with your boat so that you and your family can enjoy great memories. Your right it's just a boat, but would really like to help. I don't know anyone in Maine that could help but would like to get you some money to help out with fixing it. If you know Vicki ask her if she knows someone by the name of Shane and she can give you my Facebook contact information. Somehow God will work it out for us to be able to connect so that I can help you and your family.