Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lily Update

Some of you have been asking, so I just wanted to give everyone an update...
Lily is doing fine. On Friday night she was standing on a chair (even though I had just told her two minutes earlier not to) and it tipped over backward and she landed on the front of her leg. It hurt at first, but then she spent the next couple of hours running around with her cousins and we didn't think anything of it. Until...she woke up in the middle of the night crying because her leg hurt. And then the next morning she couldn't walk or even put pressure on it. That day she was off of it most of the time because we were driving to New York (where we are now)- but last night and still this morning she couldn't really walk on it. So, just to be safe, Joe took her for x-rays this morning (the nearest hospital was 40 minutes away just in case you were wondering)! The x-rays came back fine (no broken bones) and it looks to be just a bad deep tissue bruise. She is still hobbling around on it (which is so sad to watch)- but she is now able to walk (well, kind of gimp). I think that she'll be back to new in a few days. She is a tough little girl for sure. And we are hoping that THIS will be our last ER trip this year (and for next year too)- though I think I said that the last time!:)

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