Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Only our sweet little boy could be this happy on such a long drive!

Opening one of his gifts

Here I am peeking at him through the slot in my headrest- he thought it was rather entertaining!

Somewhere in New York state

Lily playing with her new sticker book

Over the river and through the Grandmother's house we go!
And that's exactly what we did yesterday.
Over some rivers, through some woods, and across many, many miles of interstate.
We did 17 hours of straight driving (with just a few stops for meals). 17 hours!!!
And do you know what? Our children were incredible!
Eli didn't fuss a single bit the entire time! I'm serious- not a single cry or a single tear out of my sweet little boy! And Lily was nearly as good. Joe and I were astounded- we could not have asked for better from our kids.
And in celebration of Eli's birthday (yes, this very long driving day was indeed his birthday) both of our kids received little gifts throughout the trip. It's always good on a drive this long to have a few new books and videos and little toys!
So we pushed through the entire thing and with our kids softly sleeping in their car seats we pulled into my parent's house at 1:00a.m. (our time). We are sleepy today (okay Joe and I are sleepy- the kids seem fine), but I think it was worth it to get here with a whole day before Thanksgiving.
Thanks to all of you who prayed for our safe travel and prayed for our kids to do well on the trip. Joe and I are jokingly referring to it as our Thanksgiving miracle!:)

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