Saturday, November 5, 2011

Leaves9 Leaves2 Leaves4 Leaves5 Leaves7 Leaves8 Leaves10 Leaves11 Leaves12 Leaves14 Leaves13
A beautiful fall day with two of the sweetest little ones around!  And while I may not have gotten the perfect portrait of the two of them, I think the first one is pretty darn cute! They are just so cute sometimes I could eat them up!:)
And after we took these pictures, had some lollipops, and played in the leaves a bit all four of us went exploring in the woods.  It was one of those perfect fall mornings.  We walked through the woods, explored the river banks, collected nature treasures, scared some ducks, and watched a plane take off and land over the river a few times.  As we walked back through the woods and the kids ran around laughing and smiling down the trailI just couldn't help but think how blessed I am.  Yes, it was one of those beautiful family moments that you hope you can hold onto for years and years to come.

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