Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grumpy, Sick Days...

One of those days
I just found this picture from earlier in the fall, but it about sums up our last week.  As usual the kids and I picked up some kind of cold/respiratory infection at our staff conference right before Thanksgiving (it never fails)!  Eli has cheered up a bit over the last day or two now that Grammy and G-Pa are here, but the last two days of the conference and our first day or two home were rough.  Coughs and runny noses abound and our sweet little Eli was a total bear.  At one point in the conference I just couldn't get him to stop screaming- going outside didn't work, visiting the train they had there didn't work, and even fruit snacks didn't work (3 of Eli's favorite things)...unheard of!  Thankfully a Maisy video saved the day and we have survived the trip.  The coughing and runny noses are still ever present and poor little man's chest is just rattling, but I cautiously think that we are on the upswing...hopefully!

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