Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eli's 2nd Birthday Party!

Eli's Birthday2 
This year Eli's birthday is the day before Thanksgiving so we decided to have his party a little bit early!

Eli's Birthday3 
The theme for the party was MONSTERS!  Perfect for my little boy who doesn't say much, but can do a perfect monster roar or growl!:)
Eli's Birthday4 
But he wasn't the only little monster there...
Eli's Birthday5 Eli's Birthday32 Eli's Birthday33 Eli's Birthday34 Eli's Birthday35 Eli's Birthday36 Eli's Birthday37 Eli's Birthday6
And the monster bean bag toss was quite the hit!
Eli's Birthday7 Eli's Birthday8 Eli's Birthday9 Eli's Birthday10
As part of the party we also made Eli his own Monster Music/Bang Wall!  We had guests (mostly family and a few close friends) bring an item to add to Eli's music wall (something that might make a good sound)!
Eli's Birthday11 Eli's Birthday12
This was so much fun!  The kids loved it (and even a few adults couldn't resist)!
Eli's Birthday13 Eli's Birthday15 Eli's Birthday16
Eli's Birthday18 Eli's Birthday19 Eli's Birthday20
And of course there had to be a monster pinyata (made by Aunt Marianne)!
Eli's Birthday21 Eli's Birthday22 Eli's Birthday23
And after Eli took the first few hits at it we let all of the other kids have a turn...
Eli's Birthday24 
And the last one did the job!  Goodies flew out everywhere!
Eli's Birthday25 Eli's Birthday26
We had a good little lunch and then it was time for cake.  This is exactly how Eli looked the entire time we were singing to him (I'm not so sure he liked it)...
Eli's Birthday28 
And still thrown off by the singing I think he just stared at the candles and refused to blow them out (we had to get his sister to do the job)!  He did enjoy eating the cake though!:)
Eli's Birthday29 
And he started breaking into his presents before it was even time (notice the fire truck book he is already holding here)!  He really enjoyed that part!
Eli's Birthday30 Eli's Birthday31

Eli's Birthday
And overall it was a really great birthday party... we were able to be outside for much of it (Eli's favorite place to be), and it was just perfect for my sweet little monster!

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Mandy said...

Wow...Angie, that is adorable! Great job!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eli!! :-)