Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall Crafts & Goodies!

Fall Goodies Fall Goodies2 Fall Goodies3 Fall Goodies4 Fall Goodies5 Fall Goodies6 Fall Goodies7 Fall Goodies8 Fall Goodies9 Fall Goodies10 Fall Goodies11
We have been busy this fall crafting and baking and creating!  Lily just loves it and asks me nearly everyday if I have any "projects" for her to work on!:)  Eli likes to help too, but his attention usually starts to fade a bit before the end!  It's a fun stage with the kids.  Often this fall I found my hands covered in paint or flour or glitter so I didn't get many pictures (and none of them actually in progress) but I can assure you that most every project, craft, or tasty treat was good, messy fun!  And as you can see, we created some cute little fall decorations (except for the ghost and candy corn bags which my mom sent).  I can barely wait to start our Christmas goodies!

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