Tuesday, November 8, 2011

True Contentment

My friend Mandy just shared this on her blog and I just had to borrow it.  I think it sums up quite well how I have been feeling the last month.  It's not that I always live out true contentment, as I can easily get caught up in this world, but the loss of our daughter Joy has refocused my vision on eternity.  It's reminded me that we weren't created for this world- so if we live for this world we will always be disappointed in the end.  But if we live with our focus on eternity we will never be disappointed...because there is so much more in that world than we can even dare dream.  My heart is still heavy and for some reason the tears have come more easily the last two weeks and yet there is still much joy and hope knowing what, and who, waits for me in eternity.

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