Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Day After The Party!

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I love that many of things we did for Eli's birthday party (the bean bags, bean bag toss, music wall, stuffed monsters, etc...) are things that we are continuing to enjoy now that the party is over!  Not that we really needed it, but it has given us even more incentive to get outside and play during these last weeks of fall!  I shot these pictures the day after Eli's party and it was really fun to watch them play the day after.  The bean bags continue to find new uses inside as well and the music wall is just too much fun (now if we could just convince Joe to keep it up through the winter)! Truth be told I think I enjoy it just as much as the kids!:)  And of course there is always room for old friends as well (like our stuffed bunny and squirrel- seen here climbing trees and flying through the air)!  It's nice when things are still fun and exciting the day after (and beyond)!

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Smith Family said...

I love your music wall! Looks like a lot of fun. -lanny