Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

You have probably figured out by now that I like to do little (and sometimes big) things to make birthdays and holidays extra special!  I found lots of fun 4th of July ideas...decorations, and treats, and crafts to do with the kids.  But when it came down to it this year I just didn't have the energy to plan or follow through.  So I decided for once to go a little bit more low key.   And it was a really fun day.
Lily insisted that we go to the 4th of July parade so even though it was close to 90 degrees and there was very little shade we decided to honor her request.  And do you know what?  Even though I didn't plan or make any 4th of July crafts while I was in the shower that morning Lily totally took it upon herself to get paper and markers and make American flags (which she then attached to craft sticks) for each of us to wave during the parade.  I just adore that girl!

4th (1 of 1)
Here she is with her flag at the parade! 4th2 (1 of 1)
And so we sat in the heat and watched the parade.  Well, okay, we watched probably a little over half of the parade and then we convinced the kids it was nearly over and we left (because Joe and I were just roasting in the heat)!:)
And then after a quick lunch we packed it up and hit the water for our first motor boat ride of the year!  I know, it's crazy that it's just now our first one, but we had to get some things on the boat fixed and it was finally finished just in time for the holiday.  Our friends, the Betters, joined us and we spent a wonderful afternoon on the water and at our favorite little sand beach.  You have to boat to get there so usually we have "our" little beach to ourselves, but this day it was a little more crowded.  We still pretty much had our own little area so that was nice and other than trying to keep Sadie away from the other dogs (or other dogs away from Sadie because one was just a little too friendly) we had a wonderful time.  We waded and swam in the wonderfully cooling weather and this very pregnant mama was oh so happy!  And we talked and enjoyed a simple picnic dinner, and let the kids spray us over and over again with their water guns!  And I hoped that the cool water and the bumpy boat ride would send me into labor and that our little man would declare his own independence that day, but he did not!:)
So instead we went home and cleaned up and went out for ice cream (and I indulged a bit because, after all, it was a holiday)!  And then we met back up with our friends and headed downtown for the fireworks.  The fireworks show was really just okay (though the finale was pretty good), but we had a great spot to watch and Eli loved every second of his first real 4th of July fireworks!  And at 10:30p.m. (hours past their normal bedtime) the kids conked out on the ride home and Joe and I weren't far behind them!
A pretty great 4th of July if I do say so myself!

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