Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nap Time!

Huggle Pod (1 of 1)
Both Lily and Eli go without naps now.  Eli started giving them up (aka refusing to take them) towards the beginning of the year which was at a much earlier age than Lily did, but it just wasn't worth the fight anymore. Every great now and then he will get so tired that he naps in the afternoon and if we are in the car in the afternoon driving longer than 20 minutes he will often fall asleep...and sleep so hard that we can usually move him inside without waking him and he'll sleep for a good hour or two.  Of course there are consequences...usually it takes him up to two hours longer to fall asleep on those it's sort of a toss up!
On this day the kids were up in their rooms having "quiet time" for a bit in the afternoon.  Quite often we will let the kids play quietly together during this time if they want to and if they are behaved, but this day they were each having time in their own rooms because we felt like they each really needed some down time.  Lily was working on some sort of art project and Eli was just way too quiet.   I was pretty positive that he fell asleep (since he's never that quiet for that long)...but I didn't expect to find him like this...all snuggled up, fast asleep with his blanket, in his hanging hugglepod chair!  He slept like this for some time and woke up quite happy!

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