Sunday, July 21, 2013


Almost 10 months is a long time to wait for something (or in this case someone) and our kids have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of their little brother.  For the last few months Eli would ask me on an almost daily basis if Liam was going to be born that day (it's not easy for a 3 year old to grasp time in terms of weeks and months)!
They were very excited and in preparation for the arrival of their little brother I let them get a gift ready to give to him at the hospital.  They picked out a cute little cow toy that makes a "moo" sound and we also decided to make him a gift.  So one afternoon the three of us did some wet felting and made Liam a whole set of wool felted jingle bell balls.  It was really fun and easy to do with the kids and I love that they were able to give their brother something that they lovingly made just for him!

siblings (1 of 1) siblings2 (1 of 1) siblings3 (1 of 1) siblings4 (1 of 1) siblings5 (1 of 1) siblings6 (1 of 1) siblings7 (1 of 1) And then the big day arrived. Joe's parents drove down very early that morning to watch the kids and even take them to soccer camp. But when we called home shortly before the baby was born we learned that Lily was sick. She was even asking to miss dance class that afternoon and instead stay home and sleep (not a good sign). Because her fever was pretty low we were able to get permission for her to come to the hospital to see the baby if she stayed in our room and wore a mask, but in the end she wasn't feeling up to it.  So instead Joe's dad brought just Eli to the hospital.  It was a bit of a bummer, but it was also kind of nice for Eli to get to meet Liam for the first time all on his own (being his first experience as a big brother and all). siblings8 (1 of 1) siblings9 (1 of 1) siblings11 (1 of 1) siblings10 (1 of 1)  
And then Joe's parents brought both of them to the hospital to visit the next morning after soccer camp!

sibling20 (1 of 1) Eli gave Liam his gift the night before, but Liam waited until the next morning to give Lily and Eli their big sister and big brother bags containing some treats like sticker books and remote controlled cars that they enjoyed while we were in the hospital. sibling21 (1 of 1) And when we were home the next day Lily finally got to hold Liam for the first time... sibling23 (1 of 1) sibling24 (1 of 1) sibling25 (1 of 1) sibling26 (1 of 1) sibling27 (1 of 1) And the day after we got home we celebrated with a little birth day cake that Lily and Eli made for Liam while we were in the hospital! sibling28 (1 of 1) sibling29 (1 of 1) 
The kids are adjusting great and we really haven't had many issues. If anything they are just a little bit bored because they are used to being a little bit more on the go and doing more activities than we have been recently. Lily enjoys her baby brother, but is really much more interested in other things the majority of the time. Eli, on the other hand, is a bit more fascinated with Liam and can often be found gently touching him or watching him or trying to put his pacifier back in his mouth. He really seems to enjoy being a big brother!sibling31 (1 of 1) With a brother and a sister that love him he really is a lucky little guy! sibling30 (1 of 1)

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