Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is officially my 500th blog post!!!
I only know this because my blog keeps track for me. It's kind of crazy to think that I've done 500 of these and oh my word I can only imagine how many pictures I have posted!:)
So, in honor of my 500th post I thought I would share with you today why I blog. So here are the top 3 reasons that I blog...
1. To share just a little bit of our daily life with our family, friends, and ministry supporters that are far away (and some that are near too)! It just makes me happy that this is one more way my parents can feel closer to their grandchildren.
2. This is basically my scrapbook! My mom is a great at scrapbooking. I, on the other hand, am still trying to finish our wedding scrapbook (it's been almost 8 years now). But as you know, pictures (and stories) are important to me. So the reality is that I'm just not going to get done very many scrapbooks. But, I can do a pretty good job at keeping up this blog. And...I can actually have this blog printed into books (my sister-in-law did it with her blog) and someday I will have this entire blog printed so that my children can enjoy looking back and remembering all the big and little things.
3. Not always, but sometimes it's relaxing. I do it for our family and friends and the kids too, but I also do it for myself. I guess you could say that sometimes it becomes a little bit like my journal. And let's be honest, I also love having a place to share my pictures!
So, there it is- my top three reasons for blogging- just in case you were wondering! I hear from family and ministry supporters from time to time who share that they check my blog everyday and that it brings them a bit of joy. I didn't necessarily plan on this, but it is a wonderful bonus! Thank you to all of you that read my blog and that care for me and my family- we are very loved! And I'm excited for what the next 500 posts might bring!:)
P.S. As you know, I just can't post without adding pictures and these are from one our recent family hikes. I don't have more because my battery died shortly after we started the hike (which I think secretly made Joe a little happy)! It was a fun hike on a beautiful day and I just couldn't resist Eli in his adorable new hat or snapping a few of Lily as she "hunted for treasure" in the woods!

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