Thursday, October 14, 2010


This year we are doing a little home school preschool with Lily. She's just three (well, nearly three and a half) and we really have no idea what we will do yet with school in the future...pretty much everything is on the table (public school, private school, home school...who knows). And I'm trying not to rush it and just let her enjoy being a kid. So two of my very good friends here, Laura and Jennifer, are doing preschool with us one day a week! We rotate who hosts and leads and our three girls (and every now and then a 4th friend) are having a blast together! We've learned about how tall animals are, gone on nature hunts, done a fire safety obstacle course, learned new songs, and lots of other fun things. Most importantly though (I think) is that the girls are enjoying learning and having fun together. So here are a few pictures I snapped one week of the girls at preschool.

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