Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apples Apples Apples

I love Fall.

I love apple picking.

And we had another great time picking those apples this year!

It was a perfect fall day.

Lily loves apple picking too.

She also enjoyes apple eating.

He does too.
And one of my favorite parts of apple picking this year was realizing that this was Eli's first year apple picking. This seems obvious, but somehow it just seemed like he was with us last year (and really he was since I was very pregnant)- but officially this was his first time picking. And while he mostly just hung around and ate bites of a few apples he did actually pick one (he reached up and actually grabbed one all by himself)!

Lily's doll (Bitty Baby) came picking too- she spent most of the time napping in the wagon.

And I continued my elusive persuit of a good picture of my kids together.

The perfect picture remains elusive, but I got these...
I do believe that Lily is giving Joe the thumbs up here!:)

And this one would have been great if Lily was looking...

Closer (still pretty cute)...

And I do love this one because it looks like Lily is telling Eli a secret (maybe she was)!

I guess I'll just keep trying...

The annual picture of me with the kids at the orchard (too bad I'm the only one looking at the camera... oh well)!

I love fall.
I love picking apples.
I love our little family times together.

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