Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Photography Job

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had my first real (paying) photography job recently! Now, I've taken pictures for friends and family before and people have offered to pay me, but I've just always turned them down. I either felt like I didn't have enough experience or they were just such close friends that I couldn't take money from them!:) But, a family in our church that we know and really like asked if they could hire me to do their daughter's senior portraits. I was so excited and scared. I said yes and these are the results. Meaghan is a sweet girl and beautiful (as you can see) and her and I and her mom had such a fun time together taking these pictures! I learned a lot in the process and I'm happy with how these turned out (they are too I do believe). I've been thinking about and planning on starting my own little side photography business eventually and while I wasn't really planning on starting this fall (the craziest time of the year for us) it seems as if that's just how it's going to go! I also never really planned on doing senior portraits. I always envisioned photographing children, babies, families, and weddings (but for some reason never senior portraits). So, it's really sort of funny that this would be my first job. And as it turns out I absolutely LOVED it! Unlike babies or children Meaghan actually looked and smiled when I asked her to! I'll absolutely do senior portraits again (if someone will hire me)! And...I already have my 2nd job in line for the end of this week and possibly my 3rd job in the works!!

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