Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make Way For Baby Jackson!

Ummm...I couldn't get the duckies to float in the punch!

The little chocolate coconut "duck nests" that I made for the shower

Steph was sweet enough to let Lily help her open gifts!

Above: The three cute pregnant ladies at the shower!
Below: Steph and Jessie (due just one month a part)!

Our good friends (and Co-workers) Steph and Ryan are having their first baby (a boy)! I don't know that they needed much convincing, but I believe that Steph said that holding baby Eli last December when he was just a newborn pushed her over the edge in deciding to try to have a baby! Yep, that's right, my son is so adorable that he makes people want to have babies!:) But, this post isn't about Eli- it's about the baby shower that some friends and I gave Steph (and baby Jackson) a few weeks ago at my house My friend Sarah came up with the theme which was, "Make Way for Baby Jackson"- based on the book "Make Way For Ducklings." So we did a little duckie theme and everyone brought their favorite baby books to share with Steph and Jackson (I thought that was such a cute idea- also Sarah's). It was a sweet, fun, little shower. Sorry Steph that I didn't get more pictures (even these last two were taken by Sarah)- since Joe had a rock climbing trip that day I had my hands full trying to get everything ready and taking care of my two little ones all by myself (although I have to admit that my friend Tara was an eagle eye watching Eli making sure he didn't choke on anything and playing pretend games with Lily)!
P.S. Jackson did make his way! He was born just two days ago and we are so THRILLED for Steph and Ryan! I just know that Eli and Jackson are going to be friends!
P.S. Baby Jackson

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for this post! I didn't know Steph had her baby. That's wonderful news! And the shower looks like it was very cute and fun. Those two looked like they were ready to pop. :-)