Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Common Ground

Lately we have had precious little time off. So a few weeks ago Joe took an "extra" half a day off so that we could all go to the Common Ground Fair (one of my favorites)! It was a little crummy out- drizzly and cold, but the real rain managed to only fall while we were driving. And once again I didn't feel like we were able to spend enough time there, but it was fun and I'm so happy that we went. You can see that the hay jump was one of Lily's favorite parts (we should seriously set one of these up in our backyard)! We also enjoyed visiting all of the animals and we all were amazed by the shepherding dog show (those dogs have unbelievable control and obedience)- even Eli seemed entertained for a while! And on our way out we visited a local alpaca farm where I shot these fun pictures of Lily and her new friend! The owner of the farm showed Lily how this one likes to give "kisses." Back in August Lily got an alpaca stuffed animal from her Nonnie & Grampy (after being such a brave girl during a trip to the emergency room). She named him Albie and she LOVES him. She brought him to the fair and the alpaca farm and it was so funny (and amazing) to watch the real alpacas respond to Albie. Every time she put Albie near the fence the alpacas would suddenly get really interested (as if Albie was a real baby alpaca)! Oh, did you notice that they actually had a real baby alpaca (too cute)! I think alpacas are just so sweet and adorable and this trip left me once again trying to figure out how to convince Joe's parents that they must raise a few in their backyard!:) Seriously, if we had more land, traveled less, and could fund the start up costs I would totally be sold! But for now I'll just try to convince my in laws (maybe these pictures will just melt their hearts) and plan another family outing sometime to this wonderful little farm (and fair)!

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