Friday, March 16, 2012

Health Updates & Homemade Blankets

Sick Days (1 of 1)

Well, it's been a rough week around here once again.  We took Lily to the doctor on Monday certain that she had an ear infection.  She didn't.  She also didn't have strep (which is apparently going around these parts).  Nope, just a plain old regular virus as far as they can tell.  That plain old virus though pretty much took it's tole all week long.  Most of the week Lily was running a temp around 104.  We could get it down a couple of degrees by piggy backing meds and it would get her at least comfortable enough to sleep a little bit and lay on the couch watching crazy amounts of PBS.  As soon as the medication would wear off though she was so miserable that she would just lay there and whimper.  It was very sad.  Thankfully she started to turn the corner yesterday and today she seemed quite a bit better (though we decided to keep her home from school just one more day to make sure).  Unfortunately as soon as she started to turn the corner Eli started getting sick.  He spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening throwing up (4 times- 3 of which were on Joe) and just burning up.  He was up on and off throughout the night.  He was still feeling crummy today and running a fever, but he managed to keep his food down thankfully. 
This winter has been BRUTAL on us!
On a happier health note, however, we did get some good news yesterday!  I've been going through testing since August for my gestational trophoblastic disease and my doctor called yesterday to tell me that my latest pathology reports were PERFECT!  That means there has been NO continued abnormal tissue growth!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  My doctor wants me to go through two more months of testing just to be sure, but it appears that I am in the clear! 
Now onto Homemade Blankets...
See the cute Hello Kitty blanket that Lily was cuddling with the other day (while sick on the couch)?  Her great grandma (my grandma) made it for her and sent it to her the other day...just in time for lots of cuddling on the couch!  She LOVES it!  She has said that it's one of her very favorite things.  Looks like you hit a home run grandma!!!  She made a cute puppy dog one for Eli too- though I don't have a picture of him with it yet.  Thank you so much grandma for thinking of Lily and Eli- we have gotten some great use out of these blankets this week!
But here's hoping we don't need them quite as much next week!:)

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