Thursday, March 8, 2012


My Boy5 (1 of 1)
Although it's been a rather mild (and, in my opinion, sad) winter I find myself suddely looking forward to spring (although I might still welcome a bit more of the snow we have been lacking all winter).  And in fact maybe it's because of the lack of snow this winter that we feel so cooped up- it's hard, after all, to get out and play when it's cold and wet and there is no snow to play in.  So, we are trying to get out and stay a bit active.  The other day we went to a fun place called the Maine Jump with some friends from Lily's school.  It's basically a huge room filled with a variety of large jump houses, slides, inflatables to climb, etc... and it was lots of fun!  So much fun that the kids were pretty exhausted at the end (which is a very healthy thing)!  I didn't dare bring my camera this time because I knew I would have my hands full helping Eli climb on everything (and I did)- so this picture of Eli jumping on the trampoline in our living room will have to do (like I said- it's beginning to feel like a long winter)!:)

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