Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Patty's

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More and more I am enjoying St. Patricks Day every year.  It's just a simple little fun holiday without lots of plans or expectations.  Just fun.  This year on St. Patricks Day we started the day off with Lucky Charms (a first for my kids) and green milk.  Eli wasn't feeling well that day so he wasn't impressed with breakfast (as you can see from the picture)- but he perked up after his medicine kicked in!  And later in the afternoon we did our 2nd annual St. Patricks Day clover hunt in our living room.  Once again Lily loved this (and remembered, with great excitement, doing it last year) and Eli was also quite excited to hunt for clovers this year!  I hid one of the clovers on top of the ceiling fan in our living room and it didn't take long for the kids to realize how fun it would be to put all of the clovers on top of the ceiling fan and then turn it on!  Over the next two days we did this over and over again enjoying "showers" of clovers!
After the clover hunt the kids enjoyed a rainbow of rice that I made in the sensory table.  It didn't stay a rainbow for long, but even I have to admit that the rice was fun to play with!  What a fun little St. Patricks Day...and it case there was any doubt you can be assured that there is in fact Irish blood flowing through my sweet fair skinned, strawberry blond haired babies!

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