Saturday, March 24, 2012

The hits just keep coming...

I've mentioned that I'm an optimist.  But I think I'm past the laughable stage right now and I just sort of want to cry-really.  Eli is thankfully doing better...sleeping has mostly returned to normal and his eyes look so much better this morning. Though yesterday he rubbed his eye with his hand that was covered in sand from playing in the sand box.  Now, sand in the eye is never fun, but I can only conclude from the prolonged full out screaming that getting sand in your eye when you already have pink eye is AWFUL!  I tried to get it all out, but eventually the only thing that would calm him down was me laying with him pressing a cold, wet washcloth on his eye.  He fell asleep, out of sheer exhaustion I'm sure, that way.  When he woke up Joe and I had to flush his eye...which he responded to with sheer terror, but it seems to have worked.  Now today Eli seems to be doing quite well.  But in what's turning out to be true Cousins fashion, just as Eli started to get better I started to get sick.  Yesterday I woke up feeling a bit crummy and by today I feel flat out sick...with pink eye in one eye and some sort of virus(?) that's making my head and throat hurt and my body ache all over.  If the throat gets any worse I'll head to the doctor to be tested for strep (which would make sense since Eli had it).  And then at dinner last night Lily threw up.  And that's when I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air in surrender and cry.  Instead I comforted my baby, cleaned up the mess (Joe was on a climbing trip), put on Lady and The Tramp and waited to let my husband take over when he got home.  Please pray for our family, we are exhausted.  We've had as much sickness in the last three months as we usually do in years and it's wearing us down.  Thanks for lifting us up in prayer.  And one of these days (hopefully soon) I'll get back to posting regular pictures and stories!

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