Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making Up Fun

vacum (1 of 1) vacum2 (1 of 1) vacum3 (1 of 1) vacum4 (1 of 1)
Somedays you just need to make up your own fun!  We are towards the end of winter and Lily's school has been on spring break for two weeks so we've been struggling a bit with the...I don't know what to do's...though they are able to come up with some creative ideas from time to time.  Such as riding the shop vac like a horse (they did this all on their own while I was doing dishes one day)!  And the other two pictures are of Lily using her Eboo Tell Me A Story cards (which we love) to make up her own fairy tale (she's a pretty good story teller).  Oh, these two make me smile (most of the time)!:)
P.S.  I just told my mom on Friday that we are finally all healthy.  It seems as though I spoke a bit too soon as Lily woke up feeling sick in the middle of the night and had a fever this morning.  Well, at least we had one week where we were all healthy!

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