Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flashback: Easter Portraits

Easter Portraits30_edited-1

Easter Portraits29_edited-1

Easter Portraits28_edited-1

Easter Portraits27_edited-1

Easter Portraits26_edited-1

Easter Portraits24_edited-1

Easter Portraits23_edited-1

Easter Portraits21_edited-1

Easter Portraits16_edited-1

Easter Portraits15_edited-1

Easter Portraits14_edited-1

Easter Portraits13_edited-1

Easter Portraits12_edited-1

Easter Portraits11_edited-1

Easter Portraits10_edited-1

Easter Portraits9_edited-1

Easter Portraits6_edited-1

Easter Portraits17_edited-1

Easter Portraits18_edited-1

A few days before Easter I did these portraits (actually in our living room) of my two sweet little babes. As you can see, Lily was a little more willing than Eli!:) Lily was actually fantastic for me during this little photo shoot (which is why there are so many of her)- and it actually gave me hope that maybe she's getting to the age where she will willingly look at me and let me take her picture (from time to time)...we'll see! Either way I can't help but love these pictures of my sweet ones!

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