Monday, June 13, 2011

Mother Day 2011: Part One

Mother's Day3

This year for Mother's Day Joe (and the kids) took me back to Bar Harbor. We had brunch at Two Cats (one of my very favorite restaurants) and went back to the same gardens we went to last year for Mother's Day. Actually, Joe has decided that this will be a tradition and that every Mother's Day we will go back here and he will take pictures of the kids and I in the same place! Isn't that the sweetest idea? He knows me so well.

Mother's Day4

So here are the kids and I this year- 2011

Mother's Day

And once again we enjoyed these beautiful gardens just outside of Acadia National Park!

Mother's Day5

Mother's Day6

Mother's Day7

Mother's Day8

Mother's Day9

Mother's Day10

Mother's Day11

Mother's Day13

Mother's Day14

Mother's Day15

A beautiful day spent in a beautiful place with my beautiful little family- I'm one very blessed mama!

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