Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Dad!!!



Happy Belated Birthday Dad!!!

I freely admit that I missed your birthday. I didn't forget- I knew it was coming, I know the date of your birthday, I just sort of lost track of the current date.

Can I blame it on Joe being gone- two weeks alone with the kids fried my brain? Mom said I would be better off saying that I lost my phone (which would be believable)!:) But no, I'll be wasn't until last night reading Lily her nightly devotional that I had to figure out the date (because her devotional goes by date) and then I realized that it was June 4th...and I knew immediately of course that I missed your birthday...not forgot (your only child would never FORGET)!:)

So, happy belated birthday dad! We love you and Lily is excited to celebrate your birthday when we come (I'll even make you a rainbow cake if you want)!:)

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