Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Staff Team!

Staff Hike
Staff Hike2
Staff Hike3
Staff Hike4
Staff Hike5
Staff Hike6
Staff Hike7
Staff Hike8
Staff Hike9
Staff Hike10
Staff Hike11
Staff Hike12
Staff Hike13

One of the very best parts of our job is that we get to work with wonderful people that are among some of our closest friends. There have been a number of times in the last few years when ministry has just been flat our hard on campus, but somehow working with these people (our staff team and our friends) makes even the hard times seem a little more bearable! Our staff team has seen a lot of changes over the years (in fact I think we've had a different staff team- adding or losing somebody or multiple people- every year that we have been with Campus Crusade at U-Maine). That's pretty normal really, but I am quite thankful that we aren't loosing anybody for the upcoming year and we are, in fact, adding a couple (at some point during the year hopefully)!! In the meantime, these are pictures from our end of the year staff fun time. We spend the afternoon hiking in Acadia National Park and it was baby Jackson's first hike! As you can see Joe was trying to get a staff team picture (the last one) for me, but our children weren't exactly in the mood for more pictures (you win some and you loose some). But we had a great time just being together- as we usually do- and I am very much looking forward to our team all being back together in August! And you can pray that God would quickly bring in the rest of the financial support for our newest team members, Kristin & Kaleb, and that they would be able to join us as soon as possible!

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