Friday, June 17, 2011

Mother's Day: Part Two


After we left the gardens near Acadia National Park we stopped off at this little beach that we saw while driving. The kids loved running up and down the beach and getting their little toes wet and sandy! Afterwards we did a little hike and then headed into town for ice cream! And we topped it off with a stop to this cute this wooden shop in town. For Eli's birthday I bought him a bunch of beautiful unfinished toy wood blocks from there. So for this Mother's Day we started a new tradition at this little shop- each of us picked out one new wooden block (they have them in lots of different shapes and sizes) and we went back home to paint them. Now every time I see these blocks in our basket I will remember this lovely Mother's Day. And we're going to continue this tradition during other family outing to Bar Harbor and pretty soon we'll have a basket full of sweet family memories!

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