Friday, June 10, 2011



Just about two weeks ago Lily had her first real sleepover at a friend's house!!

It was during the time that Joe was away and her friend's mom (who happens to be one of my best friends) also took Eli for me for a few hours so I could have some alone time (Laura is amazing)! Eli had a blast playing with her older son while I was gone and then Eli and I got to enjoy a little bit of alone time together that night and the next morning (being our second child he has gotten to enjoy a little bit less of this than Lily did when she was his age)!

And Lily had a fantastic time!! The girls played, did sparklers at night, and even popped popcorn and watched a special movie before bed!:) Laura had a little bit of a hard time getting them to settle down and go to sleep (but they are two girls who love being together and love to talk so I'm not surprised)! Lily did so well and I was so proud of her! I still can't believe that my little girl has already had her first sleepover- I think maybe she's growing up a little too fast!:)

P.S. Lily and I decided to make cupcakes for her to bring to her sleepover- and she wanted "night cupcakes" in honor of her spending the night at her friend's house so we made these starry night cupcakes!

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