Tuesday, June 14, 2011



I'm finished editing the pictures from John & Tessa's wedding and I have plenty more to share, but I'll wait until they get to see them all first!

But here is another peek. Isn't Tessa amazingly beautiful? And, if you are wondering, the wind was just naturally blowing her veil like that! And the second picture is one of my very favorites of the whole wedding- it's John right as he is seeing Tessa come down the aisle for the first time and it makes me tear up nearly every time I see it. I was so thrilled that I caught this moment as I feel like it really captures his awe and love for his bride. Ahhhh...love.

And...I'm thrilled to share that I just booked two more weddings (both of them for August)!!! I am so excited (and still a wee bit nervous) to be trusted with such an important part of these special days!

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