Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creative Kristi

So technically I am a "blogger"- since I post on my blog on a fairly regular basis. But most of my posts (as you well know) are just about me and the goings on in our family. There are, on the other hand, many professional bloggers out there- bloggers who have sponsors, thousands of readers, and make money off of their creative blogs.
Well, it just so happens that my photography is being featured on one of those blogs today!:) I met Kristi in one of my moms groups and I photographed her two adorable little ones last fall. And now she is going to be featuring my photography on her blog from time to time! What a great opportunity to help her out a bit (hopefully) and to just get my name out there. I love it when moms can work together to help each other out!
You've already seen the photographs (they are the sunrise silhouette ones I just posted), but please do go over anyway and check out her blog at
Happy Wednesday!

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Kristi said...

Aww thanks for thinking of me as a 'professional' blogger. I need to start thinking of myself that way too! I love your photos and you ARE helping me out (I take random, not so great photos) for a day 'off' from blogging!
Happy to help you out too! :)
@ Creative Kristi