Thursday, February 10, 2011









I'm hoping to have a blog/web site up and running for my little photography business sometime in the next month or two! It's exciting (and slightly overwhelming and scary) times! So my first step is to have a logo made. Here are a few that I am considering (created by various artists on Etsy). Obviously they wouldn't look exactly like this- as they would list my business name (Angie Cousins Photography) and I would also change the colors (and possibly font some). I thinking the colors might be a little more bold- teals and greens and oranges (maybe a bit of dark pink). So, as you may know, I'm horrible at making decisions. I think I have 2 or 3 favorites, but I would love to hear which one YOU like! So please help me out by taking my poll and letting me know which ones you like. Thanks!

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Mandy said...

How fun, Angie!!! Can't wait to see you get everything up and running. Can I ask you a question? How are you planning on doing this with Crusade? I know a few people who have photography businesses, and I am not sure how it works.

My fave logo is the one with the two dandelions blowing...but I don't remember the number. But, I am not sure I love the font of the name. I just think it would be great for a watermark too. :-)