Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toasty Tooties

On cold, snowy winters like this one I have to have something warm and cozy on my feet. For most of the winter I have been wearing my oh SO warm down booties. They are really made for winter camping, but I just wear them around the house. They are super "poofy" and I think possibly a size too big to begin with so they look huge on my feet. Yes, they look like clown feet and I get made fun of by anyone who visits and by Joe on a regular basis but they are just so sweet and warm that I don't care if I'm mocked! But sometimes (just sometimes) I would like something a bit trimmer or more stylish or maybe not quite so warm (yes, sometimes the down booties make my feet too warm). So I bought these fabulous slippers from Etsy. Aren't they just too adorable? I think I wore them for an entire week before I took them off (just long enough to hang out in my laundry pile for a bit). I am in love with them. I believe that they are crochet. I hoping to buy the pattern. And I'm hoping that my mom might teach me to crochet (and make them) when she's here in April. Because I think that I might just "need" them in a few more colors! Mom, can we make this happen?:)

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