Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heart Day

Heart Day_edited-1

We've never done a lot for Valentines Day- just little, simple things. And the same was true of this year, but with a few extra simple little things to celebrate this day of love. Joe gave me these beautiful roses.

Heart Day3_edited-1
And the kids and I went out to "snow paint." I've been wanting to do this for some time now (and I have been saving spray bottles for at least 6 months)! I filled 6 bottles with different colors of water and let the kids "paint the snow" with them! Well, really it was just Lily since Eli isn't really coordinated enough for the spray trigger.

Heart Day4_edited-1
We will definitely do this again, but I might just splurge and get nice spray bottles (that have more of a direct spray). Lily had a great time with the pink (as you can see)!

Heart Day2
And I had to do one of these in honor of the day!

Heart Day14_edited-1
My littlest love

Heart Day13
My slightly bigger love giving me a kissy face (or at least she's trying to).

Heart Day12_edited-1
And I just couldn't resist this picture of Eli clutching my leg.

Heart Day6
Our lunch had a heart theme: Greek yogurt (our new favorite) and blueberries (the store was out of strawberries and Eli is allergic to raspberries)...

Heart Day7
And grilled cheese

Heart Day10
The kids loved eating out of their heart shaped bowls all day long.

Heart Day11
And I swear that they ate their sandwiches better just because they were heart shaped!
During lunch Lily and I talked a lot about love. At one point I asked Lily who we love the most. Her answer was, "Indy (our dog)." She later decided that she loves God more than Indy, but she had to think about it for a bit!:)

Heart Day8
We ordered pizza for dinner (simple), but I made this delish white chocolate bread pudding (with white chocolate sauce) for dessert. Every Valentines Day deserves a special dessert!

Heart Day9_edited-1
And I may have actually taken this picture the day after Valentines Day, but to me it's a great picture of love. I hope that your Valentines Day was filled with lots of special little things too!

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