Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's too hard for her to resist throwing sand in the air (and on herself, and me, and my camera...but I didn't get those shots)! It was cold out, but I had to drag her away (or she would have kept throwing sand in the air for the next hour)! Simple joys.

So, we are considering another beach trip in March. We have a small group of students that are going down to Panama City Beach for a Campus Crusade evangelism conference over Spring Break and we are considering take the whole family to be with them. But, we are kind of going back and forth. It's sort of expensive (mostly the flights) and there are less students going (so far) than we hoped. You can pray that more students would decide to come (I think that they would really get a lot out of this conference)- and pray that we would make wise decisions for our family (even somewhat simple ones like whether or not to take our family down to Florida for this conference). So we'll see...I know that SOMEBODY would enjoy a little more time in the sand!:)

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