Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

His sweet, innocent face

His wild face

Don't be fooled by this sweet face or adorable smile! Yes, I confess that this boy has captured my heart. But...don't be fooled...he has entered into the "seek and destroy" phase of his toddler hood. And oh baby are we in trouble!:)
I think that it might be a boy thing combined with lots of natural energy and curiosity. But this little monkey is into EVERYTHING.
Yesterday we came home from the library and I was making lunch in the kitchen. I thought that the kids were looking at their new library books in the living room. But then Lily came running in to get me because in the living room Eli had spilled a soda and was splashing in it! He had it all over himself, the table, floor, assorted books, a game, etc... I literally had to strip him down, put him in our bedroom, and close the door just to get him to stop playing in the soda long enough for me to clean it up! And then (not 45 minutes later) we were playing in Lily's room just before nap time when Eli knocked over Lily's floor length mirror and then somehow hit it so that it shattered into probably a hundred pieces. And I watched in horror as my baby sat there surrounded by a pile of glass. My scream was enough to keep him from moving (amazingly) long enough for me to grab him. Nobody was hurt during that incident thankfully! But there was glass everywhere and being that it was nap time Lily had to nap in our bedroom to protect her from the glass.
Yes, maybe I should keep all beverages up and remove all glass from the house, but quite honestly this little monkey WILL find a way to get into other things (many other things). And so I'm beginning to learn what it's like to be mom to an adorable, curious, somewhat destructive, sweet, active little boy. I remember seeing the many holes in the walls of Joe's parent's house (from when he was growing up). I guess it's our turn now...for holes in the wall, and broken household items, and spilled things, and lots and lots (already) of crayon and marker on the coffee table. Yes, we have a little boy.
P.S. In case you are wondering- Eli is eating a chocolate carmel Valentines Day heart that his Grammy and G-pa sent him. And you can see a trace of his black eye (left) and a big scratch down his right cheek (from two different tumbles)- he is active I tell you!

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