Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake!

Smash Cake_edited-1 copy

I've been working on some one year photos of Eli and I just couldn't resist doing a little smash cake photo shoot!
I haven't been brave enough with either Lily or Eli to actually let them do a full smash cake at their first birthday party (the cupcake was plenty)! So I decided that it would be fun to let them do it for a little photo shoot. This actually started out as a giant cupcake and here at the end it's just sort of a pile of cake crumbles and of course a sweet baby boy covered in blue frosting!
I let him do it by himself for a while, but what you don't see is that at this point his sister is rolling around in cake just to the side of him!:)
Oh they had great fun! They definitely ate some cake, but I actually think that Eli had more fun just spreading the frosting all over his legs and then smashing the cake to bits when his sister joined him. About half way through the dog caught on to what we were doing (yes, this happened in our living room) and pretty much sat next to me drooling for the rest of the time. One by one I had to carry them up to the shower (and then there was no controlling the dog- he just went for it)!
Over all it was a lot of fun and even though she's going to be four I've already promised Lily a similar photo shoot soon (with a giant pink cupcake). I guess you are never too old to smash, eat, and frolic in a giant cupcake!:)
And yes, there are lots more pictures, but you'll have to wait until I finish all of Eli's one year pictures to see them. This is just a taste!


LovingMyGirls said...

wow you are brave!!! :)

He does look adorable covered in frosting though I must say!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, that's awesome! Love it! This giant cupcake pan site talks about using giant cupcakes as smash cakes, and I just love that idea, but this has to be the cutest picture I've seen of it in action!