Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Love Fairy

I borrowed this idea from a friend and modified it a little bit for Valentines Day (rather than Christmas)! So about a week before Valentines Day I painted a little wooden box (that I got from the craft store) red and mounted it with a sticky strip right outside Lily's bedroom door. When she woke up the next morning she found the door, a note from the "Love Fairy", and some little sweet treats for her and Eli.
The note said, "Hello! I'm the Love Fairy and my favorite holiday, Valentines Day, is coming up! So every night between now and Valentines Day, when you are asleep, I will sneak through this little red door and leave the two of you some little treats! Love, the Love Fairy."
Every night the Love Fairy came to visit and leave the kids a few little sweets. And one night Lily even left her some Valentines too- two cards she made and a gnome (see the 2nd picture)! It was such a simple thing, but every morning Lily was excited to wake up and see what treats and encouraging notes the fairy left. And then on Valentines Day morning the kids woke up to find that the Love Fairy left them an entire bag of pink Hershey Kisses outside the little red door!:) It's a little bit of a shame that they snuck handfuls of them to eat while I was in the shower that morning, but I guess it is hard to say no to chocolate on Valentines Day!
Tonight the little red door will disappear until this time next year!

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