Saturday, January 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Service: Week 4

Once again this week our little family service project did not go as planned and I once again had to find something entirely different. I sense a theme indeed.
Thankfully this week it gave me the time to do something for someone very dear to me. A good friend of mine has been having a rough few weeks and I've been sort of racking my brain what I could do to help (other than pray). So the other day Lily and I bought a few songs from I-Tunes and made her a little CD of some music that really encourages me (and I thought might do the same for her). Then we colored some handmade cards and I asked Lily what she really likes about this friend and wrote down her answer on Lily's card. And despite the fact that she lives in our town we mailed it (because who doesn't love getting mail?)!
Simple. But I think that Lily gets it because she has been making cards for people ever since (for her babysitter who came on Friday, for me today because I'm not feeling well, etc...)!
P.S. Yes, I realize that for some reason when I first started posting about this little service challenge we are on that I wrote that there are 56 weeks in a year (and even called it our 56 weeks of Service)! Ummm....don't know where my head was on that one... I do realize that there are only 52 weeks in a year (though a few more acts of service couldn't hurt)!

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