Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Are Snow People

It's true- we are snow people!

I love snow. Maybe it's to be expected since I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Maine. I'm sure it also has something to do with the fact that I'm never the one that has to shovel it! But even Joe loves the snow (and he IS the one doing all the shoveling). But Lily actually loves the snow more than anybody else in our little family. She LOVES it! And I love that she loves it.
Last week we were in South Carolina and I was actually bummed when I found out that we were getting a good snow storm back home (over a foot of snow)- and we were missing it. Maybe I would have felt differently if it were sunny and warm on the beach where we were- but it wasn't. And my theory has always been (and probably always will be) that if it's cold there might as well be snow. Snow is fun and exciting and festive. There is so much you can do in the snow- and there is, well, very little you can do in cold mud and dead grass. Yes, there might as well be snow! So bring it on winter- this family is ready to strap on the snowshoes!:)
P.S. These pictures are from Lily's first snowman of the year (just a few days before Christmas)!

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