Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love This Family!

Just a few pictures I took during our time together in South Carolina.

I love this family.

Dan and Heather were there the day that Joe and I met. They spent that whole summer with us. Dan and Joe were best friends in college and after and he was the best man in our wedding. I count Heather as a close friend- a rare mix of someone that I've been able to share the most serious parts of my life with and someone with whom I'm also able to just have fun and laugh and feel like a kid again with!

We have shared tents and apartments and spent months together working in the same place. And oh how I wish (more than I can tell you) that we lived right next to each other (or even just in the same area) year round. Alas- this wonderful family now lives in Vermont and I have to settle for seeing them a few times a year.

Yes, I love this couple and this family. Their 3rd born (Micah) is just a week younger than Lily and if I believed in arranged marriage this would be a done deal! Instead I'll just wait and pray that maybe someday we will get to share our daily lives with them again this side of heaven.

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