Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

The stroller and drum were their presents from Santa!

I just love Christmas Eve. The night feels so magical. And Christmas Eve service at church might just be my favorite part of the whole holiday! Well, this year at church I wasn't feeling so well and Joe had to leave half way through the service with Eli (it was past his bedtime)- but Joe did get to hear the rest of the service from the nursery. And even though I wasn't feeling great I rebounded part way through and did get to enjoy the service, all the singing, and especially the church being lit aglow as we each held a candle through the closing song (we even let Lily hold one- she was so careful holding in tightly with both hands)! And for the second year in a row we saw "reindeer" around our house when we got home from church! Earlier that day the four of us scattered reindeer food (oats with a little glitter mixed in) and Lily was so excited to see that the "reindeer" (otherwise known as the herd of deer that live around our house) were visiting! Oh, how easily she believes that they really are reindeer- it is too precious! And as we entered the house Lily found the sack that Santa had left almost right away- running and yelling from the living room that Santa had been there and left his sack (with a few treats in it)!
And I am quickly learning that one of my other favorite parts of Christmas is getting to play Santa on Christmas Eve. After Lily and Eli were tucked into bed Joe and I went to work cleaning up the house and getting everything ready for Christmas morning. This year we intentionally waited until that night to put all the Christmas presents under the tree- even the presents from Joe's family (it just seemed more magical that way). And it was so much fun for me bringing out all of the presents, arranging them just so, stuffing the stockings, and just making everything look merry and bright! It's sort of like getting to relive your childhood all over again! And then we just snuggled in and waited for the pitter patter of little feet in the morning...

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