Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pickle Pucker

Recently we gave Eli his first pickle. Oh my was it entertaining! Here he is taking a bite.

And the reaction.

The pucker... he's not so sure about it...

But wait...he loves it! And each time he took a bite he went through this sequence (bite, cringe at the tangy taste, and then giggle in delight)!

And so officially BOTH of our children love olives and pickles (and who can blame them really)!

P.S. We are here in Myrtle Beach.'s cold (pretty much as cold as back home), but we are here to work and we have a wonderful beach house! Our travel yesterday went fairly well all things considered. On our second flight yesterday we had to sit in the plane on the runway for an hour and a half before we took of (bad weather). We had to get up at 3a.m. yesterday morning to make our 7a.m. flight in Portland to it was a long day. And by the time we were sitting in our plane on our 2nd flight we had one VERY tired little boy who did not want to sleep. Thankfully he fell asleep about a minute after we finally took off and slept the whole flight. Thankfully on both flights we were in the first row in the bulkhead (meaning we had lots of space). This was a first for us and it felt like luxury. And we were also very thankful that we had amazing flight attendants on both flights (the girl on the first flight actually played games with Eli throughout the flight)!
And now we are here. Lily is having a blast, Eli is sleeping crummy, and we are with friends and co-workers that we love.

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