Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Aquarium

Eli loved the sting rays (and splashing in the water)- this one was "waving" at him!

These two aren't very good pictures, but they are the only ones I got of both Lily and Eli touching the sting rays (although they both touched them a few times).

Amazing jellyfish

Eli dancing under the aquarium.

The shark tunnel.
Lily and her friend Libby were a little nervous to walk through the tunnel with the sharks so they held hands (too cute)! Together their fear quickly faded!

The Saw Shark (from underneath).

Eli "touching" the saw shark in the shark tunnel.

Two other sharks named Caleb and Micah!

I think these are my two favorite shots of the day! The first one is just Lily and the second one is Lily and Micah.

On our day off in South Carolina we joined our friends (the family from the last post) for a morning at the aquarium. So fun! I just love aquariums and I love that little ones can enjoy them as much as older kids (and adults- in my case). It really is a great family outing for a family with a 3 year old and a one year old!
It wasn't a huge aquarium, but it was really just about right for us to be able to do everything (a few things more than once) in one morning. We all loved petting the sting rays. It took Lily a little bit to warm up to the idea (she was a little nervous a first)- but once she did she was super excited and tried over and over again to get them (which she did a few times)! I think that Eli really loved most of it (watching the fish, splashing in the water, and just running around). We also really enjoyed the shark tunnel and the two dive shows that we got to see.
It was one of the hardest places ever to take pictures (really dark inside, but with all of the fish tanks it was hard to use flash too)- so I had to get a little creative (and just be okay with not getting all of the pictures I would have liked). Overall it was a really fun morning spent with really great friends!

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