Monday, January 17, 2011

More Fall Flashbacks

Just before Halloween last fall we had a very fun play date with my friend Becky and her kids at our house. I just love this little family! Becky and I actually met at our childbirth education classes when I was pregnant with Lily (she was pregnant with Addie who was born just a few days after Lily)! We talked a bit at the classes and then happened to see each other everywhere. I literally saw her at almost every doctor's appointment that I had (including the afternoon that I was in labor)! She is just one of those people who is so easy and fun to be around. And even better is that her second baby (Caleb) is just a month older than Eli! I just love how well and easily our kids play together. I just wish that we got to see them more (she is one busy mama). Becky, let's get together soon!

P.S. The reason that I have so many pictures of Addie and Caleb is because I tried to do a quick little photo shoot for Becky. Good thing her kids are so adorable because I just couldn't get very many pictures and it was SOOOO chilly out that day (I do believe that it started snowing shortly after this)- none of the kids really lasted very long outside!

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