Monday, January 3, 2011

A Skype Christmas

Opening presents with my parents!

Waiting for the big surprise (Eli doesn't quite understand yet what it means to cover your eyes)!

Hello donkeys!

Lily and Pinky

Eli and Babe (as in Babe the Blue Ox)!

And in case you are wondering- Joe is in the background trying to reconnect to Skype (we temporarily lost my parents for a few minutes)!

Apparently Babe's ears look tasty!

My mom had to work on Christmas day this year so we decided that we would spend Thanksgiving this year with my family instead. This was the first year that my parents haven't been with us (either here or in Wisconsin) for Christmas since the kids were born. So of course we were a little sad. But...we did get to enjoy a little Christmas celebration "with" them anyway. Enter Skype. Yes, we opened gifts and celebrated Christmas with my parents over Skype! It wasn't quite the same of course, but it was really great that my parents got to watch the kids open their presents (and we got to watch them open theirs too)! There were a number of gifts, but far and away their favorites were the Rody horses/donkeys that my parents got them! Lily was beyond excited and has for days now carried hers around with her and even brought it to bed!:)

Thanks Skype for helping to bring us together for Christmas!

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