Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Cousins Girls

Oh, I think this one is my favorite! Can't you just tell how much Lily and her cousin Brenna love each other?! They have made each other laugh like this pretty much since they were able to laugh!

And here it is again...a little fancier!

The girls were having so much fun screaming (and Maggie looks just thrilled)!

Over the last few years Joe's family has been a bit overtaken with little girls! In fact five of the eight grandchildren are girls (and Eli is the only boy who isn't a teenager)! We just love our little Cousins girls!
For Christmas this year Joe's mom bought all of the girls fancy dresses (Lily just had to have purple)! So of course we had to try to get a picture of them all together in their dresses! This was quite the feet. Of course we were having so much fun through the rest of Christmas day that we sort of forgot about doing the pictures (or maybe we were just putting it off) until it was late, dark, and the girls were pretty much bouncing off the walls! Actually, all things considered, these aren't too bad (we did, after all, get them all to sit in once place for more than two seconds)! Let me just tell you though that it was pretty much madness! But then again when the house is full with all of our little ones it usually is!:) I tried photomerging some of them together to get a great picture of all of them looking, but they were just moving around so much from picture to picture that it just wouldn't work (or more likely my skills just aren't that advanced). But, the more I look at these the more I'm coming to appreciate how real and beautiful they are (not perfect, but fun and sweet)- just like our 5 little girls!

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